7 Signs You Miss Marist Over Winter Break

Break is finally here! You conquered finals then rush to head back to the comfort of your hometown. You cuddle into your bed, go to your favorite hometown spots, and catch up with your friends. You missed your home and love settling back in. But you realize there are some changes since you left. After a couple weeks you actually start to miss school. Here are some signs you’re missing your second home:

  1. You can’t walk over to see your friends within 5 minutes. A perk of Marist campus is the short walk across it. Want to see your friends? They’re either down the hallway, in the next building over, or just a short walk away. Now you’re home and your friends are driving distance away. You miss living in the same house as your best friends or being able to walk down the hall and knock on their door. Mom, can I borrow the car? dorms
  2. There is no place to get a burrito at midnight. You sit in your bedroom at home watching your favorite show when you realize you’re hungry. You look through your cabinets, but it seems your parents are on a new health kick. You’re craving a warm burrito and suddenly miss the Cabaret. The Cabaret is open until 1 am and satisfies all your late hunger needs. You know your first stop when you get back to campus…burrito
  3. Where is the freezer full of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream? So you realize you can’t whip up a nice burrito, but maybe some ice cream will do? You open your freezer to a disappointing find, nothing. Once again the Cabaret would have saved you with its freezer full of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream with your name on it. Back to your room you go.ben and jerrys
  4. The sunset doesn’t look nearly as good from your driveway. It’s no secret that Marist is home to some of the most beautiful sunsets. There is nothing better than grabbing some friends and heading down to the Hudson River to snap some pictures. Now you’re at home standing in your driveway trying to get the Snapchat camera to focus on the sky, not the cars and houses on your block. You miss sitting by the river watching the sun go down over the bridge. How many days until we’re back?sunset
  5. Where are all the groundhogs?? You’re home and realize maybe it isn’t normal to see at least five groundhogs anytime you walk somewhere. Marist students love sharing the campus with their groundhog pals. When you walk from your dorm to Lowell Thomas, you are almost guaranteed to see a couple groundhogs running around. Hope they’re doing well! groundhog
  6. You miss the easy access to a gym. New year, new me, right? Many New Year’s Resolutions involve getting in shape and hitting the gym, and you realize this when your town gym is packed and you can barely find a parking spot. Luckily on campus, McCann Gym is a nice short walk for students. You just swipe in and the gym is all yours. gym
  7. Why am I so bored?? At Marist, there is always something to do! Between classes, clubs, and activities, there is always something to keep you busy! Whether you’re studying in the library, grabbing a bite to eat with friends, or going to any of the various events on campus, you won’t get bored. There is always speakers, movies, trips, shows, anything you could think of! Thanks to Student Activities you’ll never be struggling to make plans.activities.jpg

If you’ve experienced any of these things, then you’re probably missing Marist big time. But no worries, you’ll be back before you know it, and the Cabaret burritos aren’t going anywhere!


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