Marist College Dance Team Welcomes Children for Dance Clinic

The Marist College Dance Team always looks forward to our children’s dance clinic each semester! We hold a clinic for both football and basketball season, inviting children from the local Hudson River Valley to be a Red Fox for a day. We have the children come for a 2 hour clinic where we teach them a dance that we perform at halftime of the Men’s basketball game. After the clinic we invite the dancers to join MCDT in the stands for the game!

dance team 2

This year our clinic was on February 10th from 4-6 before the Marist Men’s Basketball game at 7pm! We had 20 future Red Foxes join us this year. They were all so talented and enthusiastic! Our halftime performance was a definite crowd pleaser, receiving numerous compliments from our Athletics Department. The dancers also joined in on cheering on the Red Foxes in a close game against Rider. They had the opportunity to perform in some foul shots and sideline routines.

Our clinic ended with the Cosimo’s t-shirt toss in which the children got to throw the t-shirts! Overall, our clinic was a huge success! We definitely found some future Red Fox Dancers!

Maggie Caulfield, Class of 2019


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