Marist SGA: Meet the Candidates!

It’s election season at Marist College! Marist Student Government is hosting their elections for Student Body President and Vice President. The Student Body President gets to sit on Marist’s Board of Trustees and acts as a liaison between the school and the students. Both the President and Vice President work hard to hear the student’s needs and work to make changes on campus. Let’s meet our candidates:

President Nominees:

Ted Dolce 

Ted_Dolce“Ted Dolce is a junior from Miami studying Criminal Justice and Communications. In his time at Marist, he has been blessed to sit on different committees and councils. He has also mentored students in the community and been the President of ARCO. He is currently the Deputy of Inclusion, and hopes to be the next Student Body President! Ted will be a great President for our student body and our community because he acts solely on the voices of the student body to represent and serve all Red Foxes!”






Christopher Glogan

Chris_Glogan“Chris is a junior from Monroe, Connecticut majoring in Communications with a dual concentration in Public Relations and Advertising and a minor in Digital Video Production. Chris is currently the Speaker of the Senate and sits on the executive board of Campus Ministry, the school’s largest student organization. As Student Body President, Chris will build a stronger community emphasizing better communication from the SGA and a more transparent college administration. He is uniquely prepared to tackle the real issues on campus and enact real change.”




Vice President Nominees: 

Ankofa Billips

Ankofa_Billips“Ankofa Billips is a junior at Marist College. She is running with Ted Dolce for Executive Vice President. Ankofa is currently serving as the President of the Black Student Union as well as Operations Assistant at Student Activities. She is deeply committed to curating an important and memorable experience for all students.”








Jon Ferris

Jon_Ferris“Jon is a junior, Psychology major from Portland, Maine running for the position of Executive Vice President. He is a proven strong, values-based leader on campus, who leads from a place of empathy, excellence, and a dedication to the idea of “servant-leadership.” Jon is running alongside Chris Glogan for Executive Vice President. In the position of Executive Vice President, he will strengthen clubs and activities on campus, as well as create initiatives and projects to highlight diversity and student involvement in new ways. Jon is thankful for all the opportunities he’s had to succeed here at Marist and is excited to expand opportunities for the rest of the student body.”







Voting has opened and will end Wednesday, February 28th at 3:00pm. If you are a student you can vote here:

Best of luck to all!

Descriptions and Photos Courtesy of Marist SGA Site

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