Fashion Friday: New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week occurs semiannually in the city and is the most highly anticipated event in the industry. Taking place in February and September of each year, NYFW is a week where top designers showcase their collections through runway shows and presentations to press, buyers, celebrities, and public alike. Because of Marist’s close proximity to New York City, and prestigious reputation in the fashion industry, students are often given the opportunity to be a part of this extraordinary fashion event.
Working at New York Fashion Week is definitely every fashion lover’s dream!

Additionally, the benefits of receiving hands-on experience surrounded by experts in the field is incredible. It is important for students to learn how to perform in a professional, high intensity environment in preparation for future internships, graduation, and jobs. Here at Marist, fashion students are constantly provided with opportunities to work New York Fashion Week or other industry events and are encouraged to take advantage of them. Fashion Merchandising Sophomore, Abbey McHale, recently worked NYFW for designer Taoray Wang through an opportunity presented to her by Fashion Show Production Professor, Juan-Manuel Olivera-Silvera. She says that her role varied from having to find undergarments for the models to finding the perfect font for labels. This goes to show that fashion week is not always as glamorous as it is presented. Abbey explained, “My boss wasn’t ashamed to be printing labels or polishing shoes right next to me. It makes you feel like what you’re doing is vital to the show, and isn’t just busy work.” She also described how she was able to connect with the photographer on set who was taking pictures of the completed looks, hair, and makeup. Abbey is the Photography Coordinator for this years Silver Needle Runway, which is put on by the Fashion Show Production class, and is now able to bring what she learned during her volunteering experience back to the classroom.


Not only does working New York Fashion Week give students the skills and experience that are vital for their resume, but it also allows them to figure out what they do or do not enjoy moving forward in their career. Abbey continued, “I have never done anything creative when volunteering, which seems to be more my speed. Being on the creative team in Fashion Show Production and working in the field has made me realize that creative work is my strong suit compared to front of house or behind the scenes”. When seeking internships, it is important to keep an open mind and try out different roles within different companies. You may volunteer as a dresser for one show, and then a greeter for another, and these experiences will work together to help you realize which role you prefer. In addition to working fashion week for Taoray Wang, Abbey has taken advantage of other opportunities offered by Marist Fashion. She has been a dresser for Serena Williams, Eva Longoria, Oscar De La Renta and has volunteered for other fashion related events. Having a wide range of experiences also allows students to network with professionals and maintain relationships that could be useful for future endeavors.
Marist Fashion Program is ranked in the Top 50 Global Fashion Programs by the publication, Business Of Fashion. Their high ranking is due to their unique, professional opportunities that Marist offers their students outside of the classroom. Students are recommended to take part in these opportunities and to use them to learn, grow and further their interest in the fashion industry.

Emily Orlando, Class of 2020 

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