Top 4 Things About Marist in the Spring

The sun is shining, the groundhogs are out, and it’s definitely the start of Spring! Every Marist student is looking forward to soaking in some sun rays! Students cease any chance to ditch their winter jackets and sport their shorts. Here are four things Marist students are looking forward to as Spring begins: 

1. Going Down to the River


One of my favorite things to do at Marist is to go down to the river. I loved going for walks along the Hudson at the beginning of the school year and with Spring coming, I will definitely be down by the water. The docks on the river and the gazebo are both great places to study, hang with friends, and enjoy some sun.

2. Lounging on the Marist Beach

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Another great spot to catch some rays is on the Marist Beach right in front of our beautiful library. It’s fun to sit on a blanket and catch up with friends while also working on a pre-summer tan. With Spring arriving, every student is looking forward to spending their free time either throwing a frisbee, listening to some music, or just lounging on the beach.

3. Hiking

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With the sun out it is a must to check out the campus trail. Located above the North End housing, the short trail leads through the woods to a beautiful view of the river. It’s a fun easy hike for a breath of fresh air and change of scenery. In addition to the on-campus hike, the Walkway over the Hudson is not too far from campus. With gorgeous views overlooking the Hudson River, the Walkway is astonishing during the Spring.

4. Groundhog Sightings

In addition to all the great, outdoor spots Marist offers during the spring, the warmer weather also means the groundhogs will be coming out. Our beloved furry friends will be greeting students once again, and we are all so excited!


As every student is looking forward to Spring and the warmer months, campus life is blooming! With the sun out, you can definitely catch Marist students happily lounging on the Marist Beach!


Grace Maeda, Class of 2021

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