Autism Speaks U Collaborates with Marist MPorium

In the past, the Marist MPorium (the college’s on-campus boutique located in the Donnelly Fashion Plaza) has done a world of good by designating specific days in which they donate a portion of their proceeds to a worthy cause. On Wednesday, April 4, Autism Speaks U is collaborating with the MPorium for an event that is sure to be incredible!

Between the hours of 11 am – 3 pm, 15% of all MPorium proceeds will be donated to an amazing cause: Autism Speaks U. Shoppers will also have the opportunity to purchase a blue bracelet, and all proceeds from that sale will go directly to the foundation.

This isn’t the first time Autism U has gotten involved on-campus. According to Maura Sullivan, the President of Autism Speaks U Marist, the club “has always put a focus on collaborations with other clubs to increase interest and engagement with different organizations on campus.”  Previously this has included the ASU yoga event, the annual Color Run in April, and a collaboration with Best Buddies and the Marist Ice Hockey team on the ‘Disable the Label’ game. It is also the national charitable organization of the on-campus fraternity Theta Delta Chi.


Sullivan continues to add that she is thrilled to add the MPorium to the list of clubs Autism Speaks U has joined forces with. “We are so excited for the pop up on April 4th and hope we can reach new people on the Marist campus that can help us raise awareness for those with Autism,” Sullivan adds.

Senior Katie Heaton, a member of the Fashion Entrepreneurship class which runs the boutique, is very excited for the event. “The Autism Speaks event is super important because it raises money and awareness for an important cause that hits home for so many people,” Heaton says.

Sullivan wholeheartedly agrees. “I have always been so passionate about Autism Speaks and love giving back,” she says. “My board has been very supportive of our initiatives this year and we are so excited to work with a new group on campus. We hope that we can continue to work with MPorium in the future!”

This event, truly for a terrific cause, is sure to be a tremendous success.



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