Students Building Future Careers: Worthwhile Networking Experience

Marist’s American Advertising Federation (AAF) took a group of advertising students to Foote, Cone, & Belding (FCB) in New York City on March 28 to meet alumni and other employees working at the advertising agency. At FCB, students were presented with information about the different departments within the company through a series of presentations and speeches, providing them with valuable insight on the works of each department. Students were also able to network with FCB employees, as well as ask them specific questions regarding their career searches.



Following the event at FCB, seniors then attended a workshop with Kay & Black, a talent management agency. A panel of Kay & Black’s talent management professionals and experts provided the Marist seniors with valuable information on how to land a job after graduation, resume and cover letter tips, and interview advice for entering the advertising world. This workshop was extremely helpful for students first entering the industry, and it gave them a sense of direction on how to navigate their search for future employment opportunities. Kay & Black’s talent management professionals provided students with invaluable advice and guidance, and was extremely beneficial for students who are looking for entry-level careers.

FCB Article2

Senior Yvette Signore said, “The FCB trip gave me so much clarity and alleviated certain nerves I had about transitioning from college into the career world. I left this trip feeling hopeful, excited, and confident about pursuing multiple areas within the Communications sphere.”

Head over to the Career Services page for more information on upcoming events, career workshops, and more!

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