Wrapping Up Freshman Year

With the long awaited arrival of summer comes the bittersweet ending of Freshman year. Classes, clubs, sports and of course hanging out with friends made time fly. It feels like move-in day was just yesterday and it’s hard to believe that we all survived our first year of college.


Reminiscing over the past school year has evoked so many memories and emotions. The nervousness was very real the first day of classes, and it was scary being the new kids on the block. However, I quickly came to realize the students at Marist are incredibly friendly and helpful, as well as the professors. It was awesome being able to meet so many students with similar interests through classes. Likewise, joining a variety of clubs was also a great way to make new friends while becoming active on campus.

One of the biggest adjustments all of us freshmen made was living on our own. Well, we all started to live on our own with the help of our roommates. Dorm life was really enjoyable as we all got to live with our best friends as our neighbors. Personally I was shocked at the amount of friends I made by just stopping in the bathroom. Each freshman dorm building creates an awesome community, transforming it into our homes. In addition, we all know there’s no place like the dining hall. With unlimited meal swipes, I am really going to miss spending countless hours hanging with friends, dining over French-toast sticks and pasta.

I can truly say I have learned so many things and created so many memories this past year. I’ve had a blast meeting so many people from so many different places and learning about their lives. From the firework display the first night to Broadway shows to Marist’s sporting events, there was never a dull moment Freshmen year. I am not quite sure how I will survive this summer without being able share every meal with my friends, but I do know I am extremely excited for my upcoming years at Marist!


Grace Maeda, Class of 2021


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