Top Things to do the Summer before leaving for Marist

With the summer coming to an end many Marist students are excited to come back to their “Home away from Home” and many incoming freshmen are excited for their first year at Marist.  While the days are flying by, here are the top things to do before the upcoming year at Marist:

  • Stock Up on Marist Gear!
    • Marist students are known for filling their wardrobes with countless Marist inspired clothing items. You can purchase these from either the bookstore or Mporium! Make sure you have the new clothing to add to your wardrobe!
    • 6202159577_4978c9082e_b
    • Also, you will be able to order your books through the Marist Bookstore website as well!  The bookstore makes it super easy to find your books. All you need to do is input your class and course numbers and it finds all the books you need in a few simple steps.  They could be shipped to your house or you can pick them up right in the bookstore once you’re all settled on campus!
    • download

      Click here to go to the Marist Bookstore: Marist Bookstore


  • Drive Through the Heart of Your Town 
    • Whether you live in a city, the suburbs, or the countryside, there is going to be times when you miss your hometown.  Before you leave for Marist, drive through your town to say “goodbye” and take in all of your favorite sights and smells!
  • images

    This is my hometown on Long Island!!

  • Go to your Favorite Restaurant for Dinner 
    • Another way to say a proper “goodbye” to your hometown is feasting at your favorite restaurant with family and friends.  These meals you will only be able to eat at home; make sure you really take it in and enjoy it! You’ll have your fix to get you through Marist without missing it… that much
    • funny-gifs-buying-food.gif
  • Taste test Marist Restaurants
    • The main dining hall and the new North End dining hall are amazing, but sometimes a change of scenery is necessary.  Another amazing thing to over summer is research and taste test the Poughkeepsie hot spots.  You will be prepared for when the school year starts!  Find out where you can find the best midnight snack, where you can get the best breakfast sandwich and the best milkshake.  Here’s an excuse to stuff your face!  Cosimo’s and Lola’s are waiting for you!
  • Buy your room decorations 
    • Marist’s dorm room walls are ready for you to decorate! They are ready for you to update them with your personal style and make it come to life!  Whether you want to hang posters, pictures, or string lights- the room is open to your interpretation.  Go shopping for the perfect decorations to truly make your new room your own!
  • Watch the sunset with your friends, and prepare yourself for the undescribable Marist sunsets
    • Marist students know how amazing the sunsets are on campus.  While your home for the summer you can go and watch the sunset from your hometown!  Grab your friends, some cozy blankets, and some snacks and go to the beach and just hang out watching the sun go down.  It’s always a beautiful sight and will get you excited to reunite with Marist’s sunsets that are less than a month away!
    • maristsunset
  • Learn how to make your favorite home-cooked meals so you can make them when you miss a home cooked meal!
    • The food on campus is great, and the restaurants around are amazing, but sometimes everyone needs a home-cooked meal.  Learn how to make some of your favorite meals when you need some comfort food.  It’s a great way to spend time with your family and also learn how to make great food at the same time!
  • Meet up with your roommate!
    • Whether you are an upperclassman or an incoming Marist Student, you will have roommates.  A great thing to do over the summer is to meet up with them!  If your older and know them it’s a fun to meet up with your friends that live around the world!  If your an incoming freshman, chances are you don’t know your roommate and can meet up with them for the first time before move-in day!
      IMG_E0132 (1)

      My roommates and I meeting up over the summer!


The Marist countdown is about a month away! I can’t wait to finish out the summer and get ready for my upcoming year at Marist!! See you soon Red Foxes!!



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