Top Things To Do Off-Campus This Fall

Fall is one of the most beautiful times of year here in the Hudson Valley.  The leaves are bright, and the breeze is crisp.  We are so lucky that Marist is located right on the Hudson River, so we get the amazing opportunity to take full advantage of the fall and all it has to offer.  While staying on campus during the fall is an amazing idea (and holds great Instagram opportunities) there are so many things to do off campus!  Here are the top fall things to do off of the Marist campus:

  1. Visit the Poughkeepsie Grind for an “illuminated” cup of coffee 
    • The Poughkeepsie Grind is a fun and hip coffee shop about 5 minutes away from Marist’s campus.  The Poughkeepsie Grind has all of your classic coffee favorites, along with a warm and cozy atmosphere.  But, this is not just any ordinary coffee shop, the grind has their very own brand of coffee: the “Illuminated Coffee Company.” In addition to their own coffee, they have an array of WAFFLES.  Not just any old Belgian waffle, these are specialty waffles.  The waffles from the Poughkeepsie Grind are ones you cannot find anywhere else in Poughkeepsie.  If you love coffee, love waffles, and love to spend time in a cozy and fun environment, take a trip to the Poughkeepsie Grind!
    • To visit the Poughkeepsie Grind’s website-> click here


  1. Walk the Walkway Over the Hudson to really take in the Fall Foliage!
    • The Walkway Over the Hudson is a staple to the view of the river from Marist College.  One way to truly appreciate the fall foliage is to walk over to the walkway and get a whole new view of the scenery.   You could either visit it on your own time or attend one of their events that take place on the walkway!
    • To visit the Walkway Over the Hudson’s website click here


  1. Visit the Overlook Drive-in Theatre! 
    •  It has always been a personal dream of mine to visit a drive-in theater and watch a scary movie while bundled in a blanket with my friends!  Since attending Marist, that dream has become a reality! The drive-in plays two features a night and is only open on the weekends.  They also have a concession stand, which is an understatement.  The Overlook Drive-in has a plethora of American food favorites, including my personal favorite: the Funnel Cake.  Grab a hot chocolate, a blanket, and your friends on a crisp fall evening and take a trip to the Drive-in!
    • For more information on the Overlook Drive-in Theatre, click here


  1. Apple picking and Pumpkin Picking at Barton Orchards!
    • Besides the Hudson River, the Hudson Valley is mostly known for their amazing apple and pumpkin picking.  Barton Orchards is not just any old apple orchard.  Barton has 2 live bands on different parts of the farm, farm animals and a “goat walk” where goats walk above you in a lifted walkway, an array of different food stands, picking your own vegetables, a market, a haunted house, a corn maze, a tap-room and more!  In addition to having all of these different attractions, they have a massive apple orchard and pumpkin patch.  There are so many things to do and experience at Barton orchards you will never be bored!  In addition to having all of these different attractions all the time, they do a different event each weekend to keep changing it up!
    • For more information about Barton Orchards click here


  1. Visit the town of Rhinebeck!
    • Rhinebeck is a really cute town about 20 minutes away from Marist.  It is an adorable town with a ton of things to do.  There are restaurants of every kind there, some that are newer and trendy, and others that have been there since George Washington was alive.  There are also a bunch of candy and chocolate shops (Fun Fact: Paul Rudd owns a chocolate shop right in the heart of town!) And stores line the streets containing something for everyone.  Even if you just want to eat and walk off the calories you ate by window shopping, Rhinebeck is a great town to do it in!


  1. Headless Horseman Haunted House and Hayrides
    • Personally, I love Halloween and all the scares that come with it.  What is Halloween without going through a haunted house and being so scared you might pee a little? Headless Horseman offers many different attractions like their haunted houses, haunted hayrides and a terrifying illusionist show from Ryan Dutcher!  The Headless Horseman is about 20 minutes from Marist College, so you’re not going to have to travel too far to scare yourself and your friends!
    • For more information about the Headless Horseman, click here

With so much to do, you’ll never get bored! See you out there Red Foxes!!

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