A New Horizon in Fashion

The New Horizons Resources Inc. is a company who according to their website help, “People with developmental disabilities realize their human potentials and become valued citizens within their communities.” One of the organization’s largest fundraisers is their annual fashion show. This year the show was held on October 18th at The Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel. I had the pleasure of working the show as a volunteer.


Marist volunteers

The models had the opportunity to venture to local retailers and choose their own looks for the show. They ended up choosing two looks: a casual look and an evening look. Backstage was personally my favorite part of the entire show, watching how excited the models looked as they got pampered and professionally photographed just filled the room with happiness.

When it came to the actual walking of the runway, the models went out in sequential order based on the store where their clothing was from. If they were ready for their spotlight moment, they could choose to walk the runway alone. Otherwise, they could be escorted by one of the male volunteers. The models would walk half of the runway, flash us with their best poses, and then stop at the far end of the catwalk. When the last model from that section was finished walking the entire section would walk back down the runway together, receiving one last round of applause.


Overall, working this show has been one of my favorite opportunities I’ve had since starting here at Marist. Not only does this company represent a phenomenal cause, but their marketing and fundraising efforts are immensely creative. This event has been able to spread the word about their foundation while coincidentally give the participants an experience that was both enjoyable and exhilarating. Going forward I believe that it would be beneficial to other foundations to apply this concept to their own fundraisers. If you have the opportunity, why not make it a memory for those involved! It could genuinely make someone overcome with joy, as I saw with the models backstage.

If you’d like to learn more about this event or the New Horizons Resources Inc. visit their website. 


Kira Curley ’21 


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