Students Walking Towards a World Without Alzheimer’s

It’s no question that the Walkway Over the Hudson is one of the major highlights of Poughkeepsie and a significant perk of being a Marist student. To make the scenic walk above the Hudson River even more enjoyable, this past weekend I had the chance to participate in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s along with many of my fellow students, which runs from one end of the walkway to the other. This walking event is the world’s largest event to fight Alzheimer’s and is held annually in more than 600 communities nationwide to bring people together. This event raises awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s research.

So far, the Duchess/Ulster, New York walk has raised $128,318 thanks to the participating fundraising teams and generous donations. There were 136 teams who participated at this location. The initial walk began after a morning ceremony and participants were invited to walk throughout the day. At one end of the walkway, contributors were welcomed with complimentary food provided by various donors and a cheerful group of individuals supporting people finishing laps.


Marist students cheering on walkers as they cross the finish line and complete laps!

Among these various competing teams were Marist’s very own Naturally Foxy Club and  Colbert Community of Campus Ministry. The Naturally Foxy Club members arrived at the event ready to walk! Donations were made by the club after the walk in efforts to support the cause. The Colbert Community served at the end of the walkway, greeting participants with smiles and applause as they completed laps. Both groups were successful in the turnout of member attendance. Marist students arrived eager to be involved in the event on the sunny, October Saturday morning and also be involved in their on-campus clubs. There were also some students who participated in the event individually and ran laps rather than walking, another fun and healthy way to raise awareness.


Here are some of the members of Marist’s Colbert Community of Campus Ministry showing their Red Fox pride at the end of the walkway!

Overall, the 2018 Walk to End Alzheimer’s in the Hudson Valley area was a successful occasion for Marist students to get involved in both their clubs and their community. Along with raising awareness for an important cause, the walk gave students a chance to stride along the Hudson if they hadn’t done so prior or just enjoy the autumn air in New York! The annual walk featured signs that said “See you next year!” and I can safely say that they will see me and many other returning Marist students next year.


Marist’s Naturally Foxy Club taking a quick break during their walk to enjoy to fall foliage over the Hudson!

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