Things a Marist Student Thinks before Thanksgiving Break

As a Marist student, the week before Thanksgiving is always hectic between packing up to go home, your assignments that are due, celebrating Friendsgiving with your friends and so much more.  The week before Thanksgiving is wild! Here are some of the things you might be thinking this week:



  1. “Wait so which classes are canceled?? But what if I have a Tuesday 12:30?”Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 6.50.01 PM
    • This will always be confusing, regardless if you are a Senior or a Freshman.  In my case, I study this for 20 minutes only to realize that this does not affect me whatsoever.
  2.  “Is this dirty? I’m just gonna have Mom wash it anyway”
    • This is a classic move of college kids, especially myself.  I make it my business to search out clothes that I haven’t worn since 2007, and still have my mom wash them when I’m home from school.  There’s nothing like not having to do your own laundry, especially if it’s being washed by your mom.
  3. So I have a 10-page paper, a group project, a test, and a presentation due in a week?!” everything-hurts-a-idtm-ve-ndpm-dying-at-this-point-2248144
    • Professors seem to get a little crazy at this point in the semester.  Everyone was cruising and doing great, but then Thanksgiving came along and was a rude reminder that there are only a few weeks left in the semester.  Hence all of the crazy assignments with the short due dates. Everyone is in the same boat with just different crazy assignments.  But remember we’re all in this together!
  4. “I really need to go grocery shopping… but I can last 5 days until my parents stock me back up.” 
    • Every person I have met is in this state of needing to go grocery shopping, but not wanting to spend their own money so close to Thanksgiving break.  Some bite the bullet because you can only eat Easy Mac and scrambled eggs so many days in a row (me).  Others (my friends) scrape together whatever they can to consume until they go grocery shopping with their parents after the break.  This is a vicious cycle that will never end.
  5. “I’m not gonna eat that bad this Thanksgiving.  More veggies and smaller portions” 
    • You’re lying to yourself and you know it.  There is nothing like your family’s home-cooked meals, especially around the holidays. The minute you smell your family’s Thanksgiving feast, get ready to unbutton your pants to make room for more.
    • tenor
  6. “I need to take care of all of my Christmas gifts during Black Friday and Cyber Monday or otherwise I’m not getting them.” 
    • Black Friday and Cyber Monday are a broke college student’s best friend for the holidays.  My personal favorite being Cyber Monday; this is when I try to knock out the majority, if not all of my gift shopping due to the extremely low prices and the fact that they are basically holidays in themselves.
  7.  “I’m just gonna watch a few How I Met Your Mother Thanksgiving Episodes then get back to work”
  8.  “I still have to figure out if I’m making mashed potatoes or stuffing and how for Friendsgiving!?”
    • Personally, I am not a whiz in the kitchen and neither are my friends, but every year we have had a little Friendsgiving for ourselves.  From Freshman year in the Champagnat common room to our house in Upper Fulton, we have a really fun tradition.  The only interesting and borderline dangerous part is deciding who’s cooking what and if they are able to.  Me personally, I get dessert every year and then buy it!
  9. “As soon as I get home, I need to grab all my winter stuff because all of the sudden it’s freezing and I have NOTHING” 
    • If you’re anything like me, you have no winter accessories or even your winter coat at Marist until Thanksgiving.  I just hate having all of that bulky stuff up at school so early in the season when all you need is a light jacket.  But out of nowhere, it drops to 30 degrees outside and you are wishing for all the bulky winter clothes to protect you from the blistering winds of the Hudson River.
  10.  “I can’t wait to come back and see the tree and all the decorations!” 
    • Like any Marist student, the minute we leave, we just want to turn around and come right back!! When we come back after Thanksgiving, the campus is completely covered in holiday decorations and just puts everyone on campus in an amazing mood!  This is a few pictures of my friends and I about 5 minutes after the tree was lit for the 2017 holiday season.


If you haven’t already thought some of these, you will!! And so much more on top of that.  Good Luck Red Foxes with what this week brings!! Happy Thanksgiving Marist!!      tenor-1

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