5 Ways To Prep For Finals

Marist students know how to have a good time and still get good grades. However, even with all our good habits throughout the semester, we still seem to be baffled when Finals Week is just around the corner. Who knew it would come so quick?

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Here are some helpful tips that will set you up for SUCCESS!


Procrastinating is definitely inevitable for every student. But as a college student, you must procrastinate effectively, meaning you can technically procrastinate at any time in the semester except for the last three weeks. To avoid procrastination, plan ahead. As a college student, you should have some type of planner that you use aggressively. Instead of binge watching your favorite Netflix show during pass time, use that time to get a little more organized and figure out when all of your finals are (dates & times) and write them down. On top of that, plan out what each final consists of and what you need to do in order to reach your goal for that final. That way, you can prioritize your classes and spend the needed time on them.


  1. Make your study guides/flashcards RIGHT AFTER THANKSGIVING BREAK!

During Thanksgiving Break, let’s be real, no one gets any work done. The most we do is bring all our homework home with good intentions. So, when you get back on campus, get on quizlet or get your traditional notecards out, and start writing those key terms/points for your finals. If you are more of a study guide person, start on those too. If you have term papers to work on when you get back, you can do this in between writing your papers as a “study break!” That way you do not have to start making your flashcards and study guides on the same day that you choose to study for your final.

  1. Organizing group study sessions + making studying fun!

Studying alone could be boring. Spice up your study sessions and get a room in the library with your friends! When you have more than one brain studying a subject, you will most likely be quicker and efficient with understanding the concepts for your final. And if you need to spice up your studying even more, remember Miley Stewart made a song to ace her final!


  1. Take Breaks.

Although your brain tells you to keep going and study until the very last hour of the day because pain is temporary, and GPA is forever, allow yourself breaks throughout the day. Without your breaks, you have a higher chance of having a break down and a lower chance of producing your best quality work. Your study break can be: going on social media, taking a walk with your friends, watching an episode of your favorite Netflix show or one of the holiday movies that they put up, or even working out. Just do something that will get your mind off of your studying for a while!

  1. Stay Well-Rested.

Pulling an all-nighter will not help you get more work done nor is it healthy for you! Make sure you get some sleep so that your ready to go the next day. Allowing yourself to rest will allow yourself to perform to your standards. The brain needs a break too! Not to mention, if you sleep at a reasonable time, you’ll be able to wake up at a reasonable time and start productivity early in your day.

“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” -Malcolm X

Good luck on Finals, Red Foxes!


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