Get Ready to Club, It’s the Activities Fair!

Clubs are an awesome way to get involved on campus and meet people with similar interests. There are over 80 clubs at Marist College, including service clubs, political clubs, sports clubs, Greek clubs and more. At the start of each semester there is an Activities Fair for students to learn about the clubs on campus and and join what suits them.

The Activities Fair had a terrific turnout, packed with students and enthusiastic club members this Spring semester. Students meandered among their fellow peers, browsing the large variety of clubs offered at Marist College. Behind the club posters were enthusiastic club members, providing information about the activities and events the different groups host.

While at Marist College, I have been very fortunate to pursue my interests outside the classroom. I am involved with SEED Club: Students Encouraging Environmental Dedication. It is the environmental club on campus which hosts hikes, movie nights and brings awareness about the environment. Although I am not studying Environmental Science, I still have the opportunity to learn about the environment and volunteer with the club.  

Along with SEED, other service clubs include Campus Ministry, Habitat for Humanity, Fox P.A.W. and Best Buddies. Campus Ministry is the largest club at Marist College, offering opportunities for weekly volunteering. The club also hosts huge events like the Giving Tree and the Hunger Walk.

Many students are also members of club sports teams such as frisbee, hockey, soccer, volleyball, baseball, basketball and lacrosse. These organizations allow students to continue pursuing their interests after high school as well as discover new hobbies.

In addition to service clubs and sports clubs, Marist College also offers a variety of co-curricular clubs. Teachers of Tomorrow, MCTV, Business Club and Pre-Vet Club are just a few. These clubs are great for students to engage with their classmates outside the classroom and also provides students with incredible experiences they can carry into the workforce. My close friend has always dreamt of being a weather woman and she landed an opportunity to forecast the weather through MCTV, a student-run broadcasting club. With MCTV, she may be getting her big break soon!

Although there are many clubs at Marist College, students also have the opportunity to create their own. Students are encouraged to be involved on campus and pursue their own unique interests. Being a part of a club is an invaluable experience and a staple of college. Clubs really foster a sense of community at Marist College and help make lasting friendships.

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