How Do I Find My Roommate?

Starting college can be nerve-racking. I totally get how you must be feeling. I’m on my way to being finished with my freshman year and let me tell you, it feels like just yesterday I was a senior in high school. As a senior you have to deal with all of the feelings that come with leaving high school and going to college. This gets exhausting, but don’t worry, I’m here to help you out. I’ll break down the entire roommate process here at Marist and hopefully answer any questions you might have along the way.

Everyone that I have spoken to has a very irrational fear of getting matched with a roommate whose living patterns are not compatible with their own. I was scared of this too, but I can say with confidence that it is never as bad as you’re imagining it is. Marist does a really good job at matching you with a roommate based on your lifestyle and sleeping patterns. At orientation, Marist requires every freshman student to fill out a roommate compatibility survey and dorm building preference form. This survey asks you questions about topics such as when you normally go to sleep, if you sleep with the lights on, or how early you like to wake up in the morning. Then, the school works to match you with someone who has the most compatible lifestyle and has the same dorm room preferences. A majority of the time this works really well because they are focusing on pairing you based on how you live instead of emphasizing personality. The most important aspect of having a roommate is living together. Yes, everyone wants to be best friends with their roommate, and don’t get me wrong this can happen, but it is crucial to be able to live together smoothly. That’s why this survey is so important, the process works to match you with someone you can actually live comfortably with for an extended period of time.

One of the freshman dorms, Leo Hall

After you take your survey the next step is finding out who you were matched with and where you will be living. This happens around the end of summer vacation. The school will post this information to your My Marist account. Effortlessly, you will be able to log on and find out who you’re living with and exactly where you will be living based on your preferences. This is when a lot of people will reach out to their roommate over e-mail or social media. It’s a good idea that you start getting to know each other before living with each other. This helps break the ice prior to move in and settle any nerves about who you’re living with. Also, this is a great opportunity to start coordinating who is bringing what for the room. Unless you have special circumstances, Marist generally allows one refrigerator and one microwave per room. If you both plan on bringing an appliance I recommend you reach out to avoid buying duplicates.

         A standard Freshman dorm room

Once you get to school, Marist works very hard to help you get acquainted with the school and meet new people. The school puts on a surplus of events the first week. These events are dedicated to helping you mingle and get to know new people. This period of time was when I started to get to know my roommate well. We attended many of the first week events together and this is how we each started to make other friends. Personally, my roommate and I were not best friends simply because we hung out with different groups of people. However, we lived very well together. Our schedules even worked well together. This happened with almost everyone I have spoken to about their roommate experiences.

Orientation Activities

So let’s say after an extended period of time you still don’t feel like you and your roommate are the best fit for one another. Marist provides students with many resources that can give them assistance with any problems you and your roommate have, and if you decide it is the best decision, room changes. Every freshman dorm is staffed with Resident Assistants and a Resident Director. These people are there to help you with any problems you might have while living in the dorm. If you feel you want to discuss a room change the Resident Assistant helps you with this process. They work to find you an available roommate that they believe you would live well with. It is important for you to know going into this entire process that it is simple and anything that you feel may go wrong, Marist has covered.

My best advice for you is to go into the roommate selection process with an open mind and to be excited! College is the start to a whole new chapter of your life, enjoy it!


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