Former Fashion Show Production Student Takes on Milano Fashion Week

Attending the Francesca Liberatore show in Milan is a dream come true to anyone who loves fashion! Designer Francesca Liberatore lived in Rome as a child, but went on to study design at Central Saint Martins in London where her design career flourished. Due to her hard work and dedication she was given a spot in Milan Fashion Week, which is a huge accomplishment! The Fall/Winter 2019 show had a galactic theme. Everything from the clothing itself to the makeup was reflective, futuristic, and glittery. The helmets, as seen in the pictures below, were made by Liberatore’s father, a famous sculptor from Rome. Liberatore’s mother attached every individual rhinestone by hand. As for the makeup, the emphasis was based around the eyes with bright, iridescent eye shadow and natural face makeup.

This year and last year Marist Fashion students abroad have not only attended the show, but also worked the show.  Roles vary from taking pictures for social media to being personal assistants to Francesca Liberatore herself. Jillian McCarthy ’20 is currently studying abroad in Florence, and she got to live out her dream when she worked the Francesca Liberatore show last week in Milan as one of Liberatore’s personal assistants.

Francesca Liberatore and Jillian McCarthy ’20

“We were in charge of holding her purse, hyping her up, and doing whatever she needed us to, including taking her famous musician friend to get a coffee. We accompanied her to press interviews and watched the models walk the runway before the show,” says McCarthy. The atmosphere of the show was, “busy, energetic, and mostly in Italian. Everyone backstage was dressed in black, but with an Italian flair. Whether it was the black boots on their feet, the joggers they were wearing, or how their hair was done, everyone was ready for Milan Fashion Week.” Jillian enjoyed her time working this once in a lifetime opportunity event. The show was a huge success and showcased Francesca Liberatore’s overflowing passion and talent of her work.

Jillian was in the Fashion Show Production last year as a sophomore. She believes that Fashion Show Production greatly strengthened her communication skills, especially when it came to writing a concise, professional email. She also credits Fashion Show Production for helping her with her organizational skills. Since she worked so closely with Francesca Liberatore, she had to coordinate trains, positions, and schedules in order to create a seamless production for the show. Some of the aspects of Fashion Show Production were very similar such as social media teams, dividing up volunteers between dressers, Public Relations and front of the house tasks, hair and makeup decisions, set up, and of course the high-paced energy. Both Francesca Liberatore’s work and the work of the senior designers showcased in the Silver Needle Runway are judged by industry professionals, however Francesca Liberatore’s work is on a larger scale while the design student’s work for Silver Needle are judged for grades. From her experience in the Fashion Show Production class, Jillian was able to gain more experience and excel working at the Francesca Liberatore show this season.

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