A Quick Guide To Having A Relaxing Spring Break

Spring Break means many things to different students. Some see this as a time to finally relax after the stress of midterms, and some see it as just a time to have fun with friends. No matter how you think about Spring Break, it is a great opportunity to have a nice break from the Hudson Valley. Some students may take this time to go on vacation with family or friends, but if you’re heading back home here are some things to do for the week.

  1. Spend Time With Your Family

After having midterms upon midterms, the people that can help you fully unwind and finally breathe are your family. Let’s face it, family knows us best, and if we surround ourselves with our loved ones, it is better than any vacation anybody can be on. You can even take a trip out to your extended family to catch up with everybody and tell all of your stories from Marist!

2. Spend Time With Friends From Home


Spring break ultimately means it is time to go home, so now is the time to catch up with your childhood friends. Most of us have not seen these people since Winter Break, so it is time to spend a whole day with your friends hitting up all of your old spots that you did back in the day.

3. Research Job Opportunities

Whether it is a summer job or a job for the long run, it is never too early to look at jobs. By starting to look at jobs, you can tweak your resumes and cover letters, and stay focused on the ultimate goal that you want to achieve after college. Even if it is a shadow day at a company, little opportunities go a long way and can help you stand out among the other candidates.

4. Travel To A New Place In Your State

giphy (1)

No state is too small, so there is guarantee that there is a spot that you have not explored or wish to return to. By taking a nice drive down to a new area, it allows you to really enjoy and immerse yourself into a new experience. If you’re having trouble as to where to visit, here is a link to “The 50 Most Beautiful Towns to Visit In Each US State.”

5. Spring Cleaning

Spring always brings around the desire to start fresh by removing all the clutter and negativity that winter may have brought you. Whether it is going through your closet on campus or back home to find clothes to donate, rearranging your room back home, or just helping your parents dust the house, cleaning out from the winter and starting fresh in the spring brings a new positive vibe for the rest of the semester.

Good luck to the rest of the Red Foxes taking exams this week, and have a safe Spring Break!

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