Fox Pride’s Second Lavender Ball Is On Its Way

Lavender Ball is truly one of the most liberating nights of the academic year at Marist College! Red Foxes from all different areas come out to celebrate the amazing things that make us who we are! This event is run by Fox Pride, which is the new name for the Marist College Gay Straight Alliance. While the club itself has been here for awhile, the Lavender Ball is our newest and greatest event.

With the message “celebrating, love, identity, and life,” Fox Pride’s Lavender Ball promises to be a night no one should miss! This event started after a survey was conducted among LGBT+ students on campus that showed these students did not feel that they had a place where they could go out and be themselves. This is when Liam Gillin ’19 knew that something needed to be done. After a few weeks, he came up with the idea for Marist College’s first LGBT+ and Allies formal.

This event serves a different purpose for everyone who attends. For the LGBT+ community members who come, it’s a place to really accept who you are and have an incredible night where you no longer have to be afraid to be yourself. For the allies that come, it’s a night to support your friends in the LGBT+ community and have a fun time.

The Lavender Ball will take place on March 30th! Ticket sales for the event will go on until March 27th at 5pm. Tickets are $5 for Marist students and faculty and $10 for guests from outside of the college.

Timothy DelGiorno ’20

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