Fashion Friday: Behind the Scenes of the Promotional Videos/Shoots

The Creative Team is one of the main backbones of the Silver Needle Runway. Their unique vision and execution is what brings this student-run show to life. Jessica Raffo, the Student Creative Director of SNR33, helps oversee many photo shoots and directs the promotional videos created by the Creative Team. Also, the team works on runway and seating layout and photography to create a unique experience for the audience to remember. We were able to speak with Jessica who gave us a behind the scenes look at the successful photo shoots and promotional videos from this season!


Q: Where did you draw your inspiration from?

A: The inspiration for the promotional videos comes from the overall theme that we are incorporating into the Silver Needle Runway. We are inspired by the progression of Marist Fashion and Silver Needle Runway throughout the years and are loving our new home in the Steel Plant Studios. We wanted to incorporate that into our latest promotional video, while also making it super elevated. We drew inspiration not only from the Steel Plant, but architecture of NYC that resembles it, and also through the fashion shows at NYFW.

Q: What was the process like from the initial idea of the video to shoot day and editing?

A: Going from storyboard to shoot day to editing is a unique and cool process. We usually start by drawing up inspiration from other videos or photos that catch our eye. From there it becomes a process of finding the perfect location, and models who are available at the time. It’s pretty often that we will all have ideas in our head of what we want to capture prior to shoot day and what we want to do in editing sessions, but then we end up coming up with more ideas on the spot. It’s also important that the song chosen for the promo fits every beat that we want it to hit in the video. It’s so fun to see all the ideas of the Creative team come to life though the video at the end; definitely a very rewarding feeling!

Q: What is the importance of having promo videos?

A: The promotional videos for SNR are crucial in marketing the show on social media! We post them on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, while making sure to share it as much as we can to spread the word. This year our first promo was a quick 25 second video –  revealing the show date and hinting at our theme. From there our next promotional video gave the viewers more insight on what the theme was and notifying them that tickets are on sale via Ticketmaster. The goal with these videos is to really spread the word about the show soon approaching; we want to get people excited about SNR!

Q: How do the videos tie back to the theme?

A: They all have the similarity of drawing back to the show’s theme. It’s important that all our work is extremely cohesive and everyone in the class is working collaboratively to achieve that. Our promotional videos showcase elements that will have us reflecting back on our time with Marist Fashion.

Q: What can we expect from the next promo video ?

A: I don’t want to reveal too much, but the next promotional video is definitely going to have viewers counting down the days to SNR!

The 33rd Annual Silver Needle Runway will take place on Friday, May 10th, 2019 at 4:00pm and 7:00pm at the Mid Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie, NY. The garments and collections of Marist Fashion’s senior designers and future fashion leaders will be showcased to over 2,000 guests, including industry professionals, press, Marist’s family and friends, and the Hudson Valley community.

Tickets for this captivating are on sale now on!

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