Oh, All The Places You’ll Take Pictures At Marist

With spring finally arriving at Marist, the opportunities to take pictures and show off our beautiful campus has arrived. Marist is home to some picturesque buildings and greenery that can add pops of color to anybody’s Instagram feed. Below are some places that everybody knows about as well as some hidden gems that Marist has.

Steel Plant


steel plant

Steel Plant is the latest building that has opened on campus. The building is home to the Fashion and Arts departments, and the building was designed to keep the students creative. This picture was taken right in the main hallway in the building right outside the Winter Garden Cafe (while you’re there grab a coffee, it’s amazing), but there are so many other places where you can take a picture in this building.

Marist Tennis Pavilion


This hidden picturesque picnic area is right in front of the tennis courts on campus. From the beautiful wooden infrastructure with trees wrapped around it, to the picnic tables, to the tennis court, this outdoor area has multiple locations to offer to get the perfect picture for any Instagram feed.

Marist Beach


Spring 2018Marist Beach probably takes home the trophy for the most pictures taken on campus. This huge location has a plethora of spots waiting to be “Instagrammed,” and you might as well take the opportunity to really show your inner Red Fox while you’re here.

New Townhouses



This cute hideaway spot is tucked in between Hancock Center and New Townhouses. The giant stone archway and stone walls add some character to the area making what might be a boring old walkway to some, a picture enhancer.

Hancock Center



This location holds a special place to my heart, as it was the first picture I had ever taken at Marist. When I first saw this location, I knew that I had to take a picture here. The stone with the trees and that little bit of The Hudson River peaking through perfectly encapsulates the vibe of Marist and The Hudson Valley.

Marist Boathouse



The Marist Boathouse is probably one of the most scenic locations on campus. Whether you are on top of the rocks, on the pier, or in front of the boathouse itself, this area has not only a multitude of places to take pictures, but is honestly a nice place to just take a break from all the schoolwork.

Outside The Dining Hall


Outside the south entrance of the dining hall there is this sitting and garden area. Students may come here to do homework, eat, or if you’re like me: take pictures. Also, this area has one of the best views for the sunset, so make sure you stop here for the sunset as well!

Marist Christmas Treetree pic


This is a bonus location to remember for the next time the holidays roll around. The Marist Christmas Tree is a staple picture location on campus, due to the lighting that the tree offers when you actually step inside of the tree!

Marist is home to so many beautiful locations, that I hope you learned about some new places to help spice up your Instagram feed!

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