Fashion Friday: Silver Needle Runway Hair and Makeup Trials

Every detail of the Silver Needle Runway Show is carefully constructed and planned. With the show date less than a month away, the Fashion Show Production class is busy finalizing every aspect of the show. This time of the semester is crucial for each team to work efficiently and diligently on everything that needs to be finished to create a seamless masterpiece on May 10th.

The Fashion Show Production class has been working hard to make sure all aspects of our theme this year are connected and flow smoothly. This means that even the hair and makeup has to correspond with this year’s theme as well. So much time is spent deciding on which looks to put on our models, so the makeup and hair looks are essential to bring the entire show together. Without it, the central theme and aesthetic of the show would be lost. We start by keeping in mind the colors of our theme and adjectives to describe our theme. Do we want a colorful eye or a neutral eye? Do we want a sleek hairstyle or something with more volume? Do we want to add color to the hair? From there we start searching for inspiration, compiling smokey eyes, matte lips, glittery highlights and any other look that grabs our attention. With social media outlets such as Instagram and Pinterest the sources of inspiration are endless. Once we find options that the members of the Fashion Show Production class all like we start combining them to create our own original looks.

The Production team then sets out to find a professional hair and makeup salon in the Hudson Valley. They research reviews as well as social media accounts to find businesses that they feel would best be able to execute the look. This year, the Fashion Show Production Class decided on Luxe Salon in the Hudson Valley. Last week, members of Production Team and the Fashion Show Production Class instructor, Juan Manuel, decided to go to Luxe Salon to do a makeup and hair trial. Members of the class were models for the day, as the makeup artists at Luxe tried out the looks; it was a huge success. When the class finally saw the looks that we had created on other members of the class, it put into perspective just how close we are to the show and how excited we are to see these looks on the runway.

Want to see how these makeup and hair looks turned out? Buy your ticket for Silver Needle Runway on ticketmaster today! See you there!

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