5 Ways to Stay Motivated with Spring Fever

The first day that the warm spring sun shines on your face after a long, cold winter is one of the best feelings. It rejuvenates you, as the world around you seems to wake up from months of deep sleep, and you are reminded that a more inviting time of year like summer exists. It is a feeling of hope and renewal, but this sort of summer tease can distract you from your priorities making it hard to finish your school year strong. Here are five ways Marist students can stay motivated with “spring fever.”

1. Do your homework outside

There is nothing worse than checking your weather app, seeing the small sun emoji, and being reminded that you can’t actually enjoy the weather because your assignments are piling up. Try taking your laptop and books outside! There are plenty of spots to sit outside on campus where you can successfully get your work done and still enjoy the dearly missed sunshine. The Adirondack chairs in front of the library will give you a great view of the river that will keep you sane while doing homework.


2. Get your coffee iced

If you’re from New England, chances are you already get your coffee iced year-round. If you’re someone who prefers to avoid the frozen fingers in the winter and drinks hot coffee during those colder months, you could try ordering an iced coffee or iced tea now that the sun is starting to shine. This is a good way to remind yourself that even though you are relying on this caffeine to help you survive these last few weeks of school, at least you aren’t depending on it to keep you warm while walking to the library like you were a couple months ago.

3. Reorganize

Anything that can be thrown out, throw it out. Over those long winter months, clutter can build up and nothing celebrates the warm weather like decluttering and reorganizing. As spring is a time of change, it is a perfect time to change out your wardrobe for some lighter pieces or just clean your bedroom. This will give you a more inviting work environment and help inspire you to finish those assignments.

4. Get a seat in the library with a view

If you have to spend all day in the library prepping for finals, get there early and grab a seat in front of the big windows. You shouldn’t have to be miserable if you are forced to be productive inside while it is nice out. There are lots of seats in the library that will give you a view of the Hudson, which seems to sparkle when the sun is out, and occasionally looking up from your laptop to see this view will keep you sane. The big windows allow for an excess amount of natural lighting, keeping you from dozing off and giving you the vitamin D your body has been craving.


5. Make time in your schedule to enjoy the nice weather

Although there are ways to enjoy the weather while completing your assignments, you don’t always want to be multitasking. Use your time-management skills properly and plan accordingly so that you can schedule some free time to actually enjoy the weather without having to do so with a book in your hand. Get your assignments done early so that you can lay out on the Marist beach or toss a football around, which will give your brain a chance to relax and fully enjoy the weather. This way your time spent in the library will be more dedicated towards productivity rather than wishing you were outside the whole time.

Make sure to continue working hard and remember that summer is only a number of short weeks away. Do not get too caught up in the spring weather that can easily become distracting, but rather use it as motivation to have a more enjoyable work environment. Happy spring Red Foxes!


About Marist College

Located on the banks of the historic Hudson River and at its Florence, Italy branch campus, Marist College is a comprehensive, independent institution grounded in the liberal arts. Marist is consistently recognized for excellence by The Princeton Review (Colleges That Create Futures and The Best 384 Colleges), U.S. News & World Report (8th Best Regional University/North), Kiplinger’s Personal Finance (“Best College Values”), and others. Marist educates approximately 5,000 traditional-age undergraduate students and 1,400 adult and graduate students in 47 undergraduate majors and numerous graduate programs, including fully online MBA, MPA, MS, and MA degrees. 

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