Secret Study Spots You Don’t Know About

With the end of the fall semester quickly approaching us, more and more tests and projects may seem to pile onto you. With that, the library may become crowded with the masses. Below are 3 spots to study in within our campus that you may not have even known about!

Steel Plant


The first floor of the Steel Plant is often filled with students studying, but on the second floor there are plenty more opportunities. For example, there is this quaint table with 2 chairs. The scenery of the brick wall and art piece give you some inspiration to complete any of your projects or homework. The tables and chairs are also next to a water fountain with a spot to fill up your water bottle to stay hydrated!

Tennis Courts


On the West side of campus, you’ll find the tennis courts. They have these classic wood benches which offer a peaceful study spot. With the faint noise of rackets hitting tennis balls and the occasional student walking to class, this quiet area is a perfect slice of Marist. It is a beautiful and comfortable spot to get some fresh air before any of your exams.

Greystone Building


Next to the library there is the Greystone Building, which is the home to this cute and quaint table and chairs. This spot is the perfect spot to take a break from the indoors of the library and enjoy the fresh air and change of scenery. Personally, I need to change sceneries a lot when I study so this provides a quick and cozy spot to do that! This is also right across from Donnelly so this is a perfect place to have a quick study session before class.

Good luck to everybody on the end of the semester and I hope this helps you find your new favorite study spot!


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