How To Change Spotify Premium To Student Discount? (TOP 5 Tips)

All you need to do is sign up at and the discounted rate will automatically begin on your next billing date.

How do I change my Spotify Premium to student?

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  1. Sign into
  2. Click Premium.
  3. Click Learn More next to “Premium for Students.”
  4. Click Get Started.
  5. Click Verify.

How do I activate my Spotify student discount?

How to Sign Up for the Spotify Student Discount

  1. Navigate to, and click GET STARTED.
  2. Log into your Spotify account, or click SIGN UP FOR SPOTIFY to create a new account.
  3. Enter your information, and click VERIFY.

How do I change my premium account to student?

Just follow these steps: Log-in to your Spotify account on a Laptop or Desktop. Go to this link to UPGRADE to Spotify Student —> student upgrade. Click “Get Premium”

How do I get rid of Spotify student discount?

You may cancel your subscription to the Premium for Students Subscription at any time by logging into your Spotify account and following the prompts on the Account page, or by clicking here and following the instructions. Cancellation will take effect at the expiration of the then-current Discounted Month.

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Why is my Spotify student discount not working?

We partner with SheerID to verify your eligibility. If the form isn’t working, try it in an incognito or private window of your browser. It can take a few days to hear back about eligibility.

Does UNiDAYS do Spotify?

Ever wondered how to get the most out of Spotify? Obviously, one of the best hacks is that you can grab Spotify Premium for £4.99 a month with your UNiDAYS membership.

Is Spotify free with Amazon Prime?

Amazon Music Unlimited offers a library of 50 million songs, the same number as Spotify and Apple Music. Aside from their similar Amazon Prime Music and Spotify’s free plan are both free, provided that you’re a Prime member.

How do you get Spotify Premium as a student in high school?

To claim your Spotify student discount, head to the Spotify website and follow the instructions provided. You’ll need to prove your student status using SheerID. This third-party platform is used by a range of retailers to verify eligibility for student discounts so you may have an account already.

How do I downgrade Spotify?

How to Downgrade to Previous Version on Android

  1. go to play store, go to Spotify.
  2. 3 dots on top right, disable automatic update.
  3. uninstall Spotify.

How long does Spotify student last?

Students get discounted Premium for up to 4 years. Note: Renew every 12 months (up to 3 times). Comes with access to Hulu’s ad-supported plan and SHOWTIME at no extra cost.

Do I lose Hulu when I lose Spotify student?

Premium with Hulu or SHOWTIME isn’t available for those who aren’t students. If you already have it but cancel or upgrade to a different plan (e.g. Duo or Family), you’ll lose access to Hulu.

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