How To Change Student Loan Servicer? (Solution found)

Choose a new servicer when you consolidate You can complete a consolidation loan application at You enter the loans you want to consolidate and choose a repayment plan. That’s when you can pick a new servicer or stick with the one you have.

Can I choose who services my student loans?

When you take out federal student loans, you don’t get to choose your servicer. The Department of Education assigns you one, whether it’s Navient, FedLoan Servicing or another of the student loan servicing giants.

What happens when a student loan is transferred?

After the transferred loans have been fully loaded to the new servicer’s system, the new servicer will send you information that explains how to establish account access via the web and sign up for other services (such as web payments, electronic correspondence, and, if necessary, automatic debit).

Can you change loan providers?

The only way to change mortgage servicers is to refinance your loan and move to a lender that services the loans they originate. Keep in mind, just because a company services a loan today doesn’t mean they’ll continue to do so long term.

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Can you have more than one student loan servicer?

If you have multiple federal student loans, you may have a different servicer assigned to each. When you apply for loan consolidation, you’ll have the opportunity to choose one of four servicers for the new, consolidated loan: FedLoan Servicing, Great Lakes Educational Loan Services Inc., Navient or Nelnet.

Who are the new student loan servicers?

Six loan servicing companies – Great Lakes, HESC/Edfinancial, MOHELA, Navient, Nelnet, and OSLA Servicing – will be held to these higher standards starting early next year.

Who is the largest student loan servicer?

Of all the federal loan servicers, FedLoan Servicing currently services the largest percentage of outstanding loans at 27%.

Is it legal to sell student loan debt?

Both federal and private student loans can be sold at any time, to any loan servicer. But why do lenders do this? It has to do with the lender’s ability to make new loans to new borrowers. Lenders need capital to make new loans, so they sell off your student loan to another servicer.

Is Great Lakes still servicing student loans?

Due to the government’s new Next Gen Business Process Operations initiative, Great Lakes and its parent company Nelnet will no longer service federal student loans after December 2020. If Great Lakes is your current loan servicer, The Department of Education will assign you a new loan servicer.

How do I remove a student loan transfer from my credit report?

Removing closed student loans from your credit report can be done two separate ways: 1. ask the creditor to delete the reporting of the account or 2. dispute the account with the three major credit bureuas. Having positive installment loans, even if they’re closed, is good for your score.

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Is it too late to change lenders?

As a consumer, you have the right to change mortgage lenders if you aren ‘t satisfied for any reason, and you can do so at just about any time.

Can I change my loan type before closing?

Yes, it is possible to switch lenders before closing. However, switching lenders may — and most likely will — cause a closing delay, which could be a problem.

Can I change loan amount before closing?

Unless your interest rate is locked when you receive your Loan Estimate, it can change before closing. Your rate can change even if it has been locked, too. For instance, if your credit score has fallen since applying, or if you don’t end up closing during the specified rate–lock timeframe, your rate can change.

Why do I have two loan servicers?

Sometimes borrowers end up with two student loan servicers for their federal student loans. The U.S. Department of Education tries to ensure that Direct Loan borrowers have a single loan servicer for all of their loans. But, sometimes there is a serialization failure and the borrower will have two servicers.

Can I change my federal loan servicer?

The only way for borrowers to change their servicer through the Loan Consolidation process, if that option is available. However, if you feel that your current loan servicer has done something especially egregious, you may submit a complaint to the Department of Education with proof of your claim.

How do loan servicers make money?

Loan servicers are compensated by retaining a relatively small percentage of each periodic loan payment known as the servicing fee. The typical servicing fee is 0.25% to 0.5% of the remaining mortgage balance per month.

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