How To Delete Flipgrid Video As A Student? (Correct answer)

How to delete a Flipgrid video if you’re a student

  1. Visit
  2. Log-in or click “Request access by email.” This way, you’ll have access to every video you’ve posted using this email account.
  3. If requesting access by email, you’ll receive an email link from Flipgrid to deactivate your video.

How do you delete a video on Flipgrid?

Visit your Discussions page by logging into your Educator account at Choose a Topic or a Group and Topic to which the video was sent. Within the Response table, scroll down to see a list of your videos. Select Delete Response from the Actions menu.

How can I edit Flipgrid video after posting as a student?

Editing a video after submitting

  1. Navigate to the video and click Actions.
  2. Click Download this video.
  3. Go back to the Topic by clicking the corresponding link.
  4. Click the Record button.
  5. In the Flipgrid Camera experience, click the Options []
  6. Select Upload clip.

How do I delete a response on Flipgrid?

Delete or hide a video Response:

  1. Sign in at and go to your Educator Dashboard.
  2. Use the button and select Delete Response. Change the Active button to Hidden to hide the video from other members.

Can you edit Flipgrid videos?

The only editing option you have is trimming. Once you have trimmed your video (or hit the blue arrow to go back to the recording phase), you can hit the green button to approve your video.

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How do I record a video on Flipgrid as a student?

Once you join the Topic, select the Record a Response or red camera icon to open the Flipgrid camera.

  1. Record the video. Select the record button on the bottom of the camera to start and pause the camera.
  2. Review the video. Trim, rearrange, or add more video clips.
  3. Submit your video!

How do I delete responses in Google forms?

Delete individual responses

  1. Open a form in Google Forms.
  2. At the top left under “Responses,” click Individual.
  3. Click Previous or Next. to find the response you want to delete.
  4. Click Delete. OK.

Can you hide Flipgrid videos from other students?

Step 1: Enable Video Moderation – Hide New Videos From Students. Select a Grid by clicking its name. Scroll down to the Topic Status section, toggle the Video Moderation setting to on.

Is Flipgrid safe?

Flipgrid is a virtual educational app that is safe for kids to use. This app is best suited for older kids who will take time to interact with the videos of their classmates and who will ponder the assignment given to them by their teacher and react in an appropriate manner.

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