How To Get Shein Student Discount? (Best solution)

How to get student discount at SHEIN

  1. Click here to head to UNiDAYS.
  2. Sign in to your account – if you don’t have an account yet, you can sign up for free.
  3. Generate your unique student discount code.
  4. Copy paste it at the checkout on the SHEIN website or app.
  5. Enjoy your savings!

How do I verify my student account on Shein?

Head to Shein website. Scroll down to the bottom of the website and click on the Student Discount. Once you’ve been redirected, click on Register/Login at Shein and get the discount process started. Verify your eligible student email and other details such as date of birth, school, admission year, and graduation year.

How many times can you use a Shein code?

You may only use one valid SheIn promo code per order. To make sure you’re using the best promo code, review our list of SheIn deals.

How do I create a coupon code on Shein?

How to get a Promo Code? If you have registered on our site with a valid email address, you will receive an email from us with a coupon code for your first purchase. Another way to receive Promo Codes is to subscribe to us.

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How many discounts can you use on Shein?

How many SHEIN coupons can you use on your order? Customers can use one coupon per transaction at SHEIN, but if you are a rewards member, you can also apply your SHEIN points to your order for up to 70% off.

Does Shein give a student discount?

SheIn is offering a 15% off student discount. To claim this offer you’ll first need to sign up at Here you can verify your student status by providing an official university email. Once registered, you will gain access to an exclusive 15% off student discount code from SheIn.

How do you stack discounts on Shein?

Shein coupons are so good that many users are wondering if there’s a way to get things for free with multiple coupons. According to the website policies on promo codes, customers may only redeem one promo code per order. So officially, there’s no way you can stack coupons on Shein.

How old do you have to be to be a Shein ambassador?

You must be at least 18 years old to participate in the program. 2.

Is SHEIN shipping free on Sundays?

Buy on a Sunday to get SHEIN free shipping If you are wondering does shein have free shipping on sundays? you should know that yes, on Sundays you will randomly get free shipping on SHEIN. 1

Is SHEIN returning free?

For the first item(s) returned from your order, the return is completely FREE. Once you’ve initially returned items from an order, you’ll have to pay $7.99 to return any additional items. SHEIN will also let you use your own shipping method at your own cost if you’d rather make your return that way.

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Where does SHEIN ship from?

Most SheIn items are coming from China, however they do have a warehouse in the United States. I’ve had items come as quickly as 2 business days and take as long as 15 business days.

How do I find my Shein code?

How to search SHEIN by code reference

  1. Open the SHEIN website or APP.
  2. Use the search engine to paste the reference.
  3. Click on search and the article will appear with the reference you were looking for.

Is Shein safe to order from?

Yes, Shein is a reputable Chinese fast fashion manufacturer that ships to over 220 countries around the world. It did have an information security breach back in 2018 but Shein does not sell your information. I have been ordering from Shein for 7+ years with no problems.

How do I activate Shein VIP?

Once you have made your 1st order on Shein. You can join their VIP Program. It is free and allows having access to Shein events, parties, fashion advice, and getting reward points. You can sign up for Shein VIP using the corresponding link on the menu on your account on Shein.

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