How To Log Into Powerschool As A Student? (Solved)

Type the PowerSchool URL into the address bar of your browser and press “Enter.” Click on “Student Access.” The Username and Password fields will display on-screen. Enter your PowerSchool login credentials, then click “Submit.” In most cases, the Username will be your Student ID number.

How do I find my PowerSchool username and password?


  1. Click the link Forgot Username or Password.
  2. Enter the username and email address for your account, then click Enter.
  3. You should receive the email as an email from your school.
  4. Click on the password reset link in the email you receive.
  5. Enter a new password.

What is PowerSchool access ID?

Your student’s Access ID and password is generated and administered by your school district to protect your student’s information. If you have not received an Access ID and password, we would suggest contacting your school district directly to receive them.

How do I make a student account on PowerSchool?

Go to the Web Address (URL) for the class are invited to join. Enter your Invitation code in the box provided and click next. On the next page, click the Student button to create a student account. Note: If you already have a PowerSchool Learning account, you can sign in on this page to be added to the class.

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Why can’t I log into PowerSchool?

If you are able to log into the website, but not the app, this may be due to a capitalization error. The website is not case sensitive in the username field, but the app is. If your school supports resetting your password via the website, you can check your username in a similar fashion.

How do students check grades PowerSchool?

The Grades feature in your PowerSchool Learning app will display all published Grades in active Classes. You can access the Gradebooks for your classes by selecting the Grades option in the left-hand menu. To view your Gradebooks, just tap the Grades icon near the bottom of the menu.

How do I log into PowerSchool on my phone?

Open the PowerSchool Mobile app. On the Sign In screen, tap Where’s My District Code. Select Enter Server Address provided by your school district. Enter the PowerSchool server address in the field provided, and then tap Submit.

How do I find my student ID?

It can usually be found on school, college, or university documents, such as an invoice or course registration. If you are unable to find your Student ID, please contact your institution directly for more assistance.

How do I find my student ID number for PowerSchool?

Your child’s Student ID number can be found: on your child’s report card beside their name. on your child’s student ID card.

How do I find my PowerSchool access code?

Student Access to PowerSchool If you have forgotten your Access ID or Password, please contact the school office. Log into PowerSchool at Enter Access ID under User Name and Access Password.

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What is a Powerschool parent account?

PowerSchool allows parents to create a single sign on account where they can add and then view all their student’s information in their single login account (even if the students attend different schools).

How do I add parents on Powerschool?

Add Parent accounts manually through the Domain Control Add Account button. To associate a Parent account with a Student account, find the parent through the Domain Control Account listing and select their name. From this User Info screen, select Edit next to Parent Child Relation to add each student.

Why does PowerSchool say my password is incorrect?

This message usually appears when the entered credentials are incorrect. The app, unlike the web portal, is case sensitive. I suggest reviewing the entered credentials to ensure the username and password are right.

Why is the PowerSchool app not working?

If you are experiencing this issue, here are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot. Uninstall the app and then restart your phone. Re-install the app by downloading the app from the App Store/Google Play Store. Once the app is installed open the app and it should land in the page which asks for the District Code.

What is my district code number?

The District Code can be found by signing in to your school’s web portal. When you sign in, the District Code should be visible in the black box located in the lower left-hand corner. You can also use the app to determine the District Code.

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