What A Resume Should Look Like For A Highschool Student? (Solved)

What to include in the education section of a high school resume

  • High school name and location.
  • Expected graduation date—the month and year will suffice.
  • Weighted GPA.
  • Class rank.
  • SAT or ACT score.
  • Especially challenging and relevant coursework.

What should a resume look like for a high school student?

What should a resume for high school students include?

  • Basic Information: Name & Contact Information.
  • Objective or Summary Statement.
  • Education.
  • Work Experience.
  • Extracurricular Activities.
  • Community Service or Volunteering.
  • Awards, Honors, Accomplishments, and Leadership Roles.
  • Special Skills.

How do I write the perfect resume as a high school student?

For the high school section of your resume, include the full name, the town of your high school, and the expected graduation date. Include your GPA if it’s a 3.0 or above and then make sure to highlight any special courses you take; AP, Honors, and Dual Credit are all great to document.

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What does a good resume look like for a teenager?

At a bare minimum, your resume should include your contact information along with your experience and education. Beyond that, most sections are optional—you can include a skills section or objective, but it’s not required. Highlight academic accomplishments. As a student, a lot of your experiences are in the classroom.

What experience can a high school student put on a resume?

Here are a few examples of awards or achievements you can include on a high school resume: Member of the National Honors Society. Elected student body president for the 2016/2017 school year. Awarded school newspaper best feature article of the year.

How do you write a resume for a highschool graduate?

Here’s how to write a resume for a high school graduate: Start with a good high school graduate resume template. Fill it with your best accomplishments. Split your resume education section into subsections for classes you excelled in, groups, and other school accomplishments.

What do I put on my resume if I have no experience in high school?

You can create a killer no-experience resume by emphasizing your education instead. Include relevant internships, soft & hard skills, and projects. Other sections you can include on your resume are hobbies & interests, languages, certifications, or achievements.

Does a 16 year old need a resume?

If you’re a teen looking for your first job, you may need to create a professional resume. To make a good first impression on a potential employer, your resume should be well organized and include details of your most relevant skills.

Should you put highschool on resume?

If you are a high school student, college student, fresh graduate with no work experience, or if your high school diploma is your highest education, you should definitely add your high school education to your resume. Once you gain any other form of higher education, you should take your high school off your resume.

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Do high school students need a resume?

High school students may need a resume to apply for a job or as part of a college application. Even if you haven’t held a paid position before, there’s still plenty of information to include on your resume. High schoolers can highlight educational achievements, after-school activities, and volunteer work.

What should a 16 year old resume look like?

Students typically don’t realize that they have ample information for a CV even with a limited work history. For instance, a 16-year-old’s resume can include volunteering, hobbies, school activities, academic honors and relevant course work. All of these experiences say a lot about you and your well-rounded interests.

What should a 17 year old put on a resume?

You should provide your contact information, including your email address, as well as sections for your education, experience, awards and honors, activities and any other relevant information that can set you apart, such as additional languages you speak or any certifications you have.

What should a first student put on a high school resume?

Put your education information at the top of your resume. If you have a strong GPA, include this. Also list any academic awards, honors, or other achievements. Include volunteer and extracurricular experience: If you are a high school student, your work experience might be limited.

How do you describe high school on a resume?

How to include your high school education on a resume

  • Create a section of your resume specifically for education.
  • Place high school education after your college experience.
  • Include your school’s name and location.
  • Include your recent or anticipated graduation date.
  • Consider sharing your grade point average (GPA)
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What skills should a high school graduate have?

Found to be the top five skills every graduate should possess are:

  • Problem Solving/Critical Thinking. This skill is also important enough to be one of the ODE’s four domains.
  • Foundational Knowledge and Skills.
  • Leadership.
  • Citizenship & Global/Cultural Issues.
  • Communication.

What skills do you gain from high school?

Top 10 Skills for High-School Students

  • Time Management. You know the deal: There are just 24 hours in each day.
  • Good Study Habits. If you’ve got them, great.
  • The Ability to Set Attainable Goals.
  • Concentration.
  • Good Note-Taking.
  • Completion of Assignments.
  • Review of Daily Notes.
  • Organizational Skills.

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