What Comes With Spotify Premium Student? (Solution found)

Our current Spotify Premium for Students plan offers unlimited and on-demand access to all of our music and podcasts for $4.99, as well as a subscription to Hulu’s streaming library of current and fan-favorite TV and movie hits.

How does premium student Spotify work?

The Spotify student discount provides you with a premium Spotify plan for about half as much as everyone else pays. That means you get full access to Spotify’s full library of millions of songs, you can listen without any ad interruptions, and you can even choose to listen offline.

Does Spotify Premium student come with Hulu?

As a Spotify Premium for Students subscriber, you only have access to Hulu’s ad-supported plan. If you’d like to sign up for Hulu (No Ads), Hulu + Live TV, or any add-ons, you’ll need to subscribe directly through Hulu. Existing Spotify Premium for Students subscribers will want to deactivate Hulu first.

Does Spotify student come with HBO?

Unlike Spotify’s $4.99-a-month student plan, which bundles Hulu’s limited commercial plan, plus the Showtime channel alongside the music streaming service, its new promotion doesn’t include any other free extras. In fact, it actually restricts you from adding premium channels, like Showtime or HBO, to your account.

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Does Netflix have a student discount?

Does Netflix have a student discount? No. Netflix doesn’t have such student discounts. However, you might sign up for the trial period of Netflix services or any alternatives.

Is Spotify free with Amazon Prime?

Amazon Music Unlimited offers a library of 50 million songs, the same number as Spotify and Apple Music. Aside from their similar Amazon Prime Music and Spotify’s free plan are both free, provided that you’re a Prime member.

Can I get Spotify student for more than 4 years?

If you are a student enrolled at an accredited college or university, and above the age of 18, then yes. You can get Premium for Students for up to four years.”

Does Spotify not include Hulu anymore?

Premium with Hulu or SHOWTIME isn’t available for those who aren’t students. We used to offer Premium with Hulu for non-students, but not anymore. If you already have it but cancel or upgrade to a different plan (e.g. Duo or Family), you’ll lose access to Hulu.

Is Apple music better than Spotify?

After comparing these two streaming services, Apple Music is a better option than Spotify Premium simply because it currently offers high-resolution streaming. However, Spotify still has some major advantages like collaborative playlists, better social features, and more.

Does Spotify student include Showtime?

If you are eligible, your SHOWTIME subscription is included with your Spotify Premium for Students plan. Go to www.spotify.com/us/student to subscribe to SHOWTIME through Spotify Premium for Students. You can then begin watching at www.showtime.com or via the SHOWTIME app on any supported device.

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Is HBO free for college students?

If you live on-campus, you get FREE access to HBO GO. That’s right, 100% FREE access to all of HBO to binge anytime you want. To sign up, visit HBOGO.com and select your school from the “All Providers” menu to start watching today.

Do students get free HBO Max?

With HBO GO® and MAX GO,® on-campus students get instant, unlimited access to HBO® and Cinemax® programming anytime, anywhere at no extra charge. How do I get access to HBO GO and MAX GO? As long as you are a current student living in on-campus housing, you already have it!

Does Amazon do student discounts?

Amazon Prime Student is a special Amazon Prime membership for actively enrolled college students. The best part is, you get these the Prime perks at a discount: Amazon Prime Student members receive 50% off the cost of a full Prime membership.

Is Amazon Prime free for students?

An Amazon Prime Student can try out Amazon Prime for free for six months. By comparison, a typical Amazon Prime comes with a shorter 30-day free trial. After the trial ends, you’ll be charged a discounted rate of $6.49 per month, or $59 per year.

What discounts can I get with a student iD?

Just for being a student, you can get discounts on your auto insurance, cell phone plan, and more.

  • STATE FARM INSURANCE: State Farm’s Good Student Discount offers up to 25% off it you get good grades.

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