What Is A Student Marshal? (Best solution)

Student Marshals The role of Student Marshal is one of the highest honors the University awards to undergraduate students. Student Marshals are third-year students appointed by the President of the University, based on their academic performance and their involvement in and contribution to the campus community.

What does student Marshal mean?

Student marshals are selected for their outstanding academic achievement and contributions to student life. The student marshal leads their fellow graduates in the procession to enter the commencement hall.

What does a Marshall do at graduation?

Become a Marshal Marshals are involved in every aspect of the Commencement process, from the opening procession and seating of candidates to the concluding recessional. Their participation is critical to the ceremony’s success. Commencement Marshals direct graduates and members of the stage party during the ceremony.

What is a student Marshal Penn State?

— As part of Penn State’s spring 2021 commencement activities, 32 students will represent the College of the Liberal Arts as student marshals. Student marshals are chosen to represent the college on the basis of outstanding academic achievement and their contributions to liberal arts student life.

What does a university marshal do?

In this context, the Marshal is defined as the person who directs the ceremonial aspects of a gathering. Today the University Marshal reports to the President and serves as chief protocol officer for the University. Among her other duties, the University Marshal often stands in for the President to receive visitors.

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How are student marshals selected?

Marshals are chosen by a committee of fellow graduate students on the basis of their accomplishments during graduate school, specifically their service on behalf of the graduate school and graduate student community.

What do junior marshals wear?

Female marshals are required to wear white dresses or white skirts with white blouses. Dresses and skirts must meet the school dress code. All Junior Marshal attire must be pre-approved by Mrs. E.

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