Which Item Would Probably Have Inelastic Demand For A Student? (Question)

Which item would probably have inelastic demand for a student? A school bus pass.

What are examples of inelastic demand?

Examples of inelastic demand

  • Petrol – those with cars will need to buy petrol to get to work.
  • Cigarettes – People who smoke become addicted so willing to pay a higher price.
  • Salt – no close substitutes.
  • Chocolate – no close substitutes.
  • Goods where firms have monopoly power.

Which product would demand be inelastic?

The most common goods with inelastic demand are utilities, prescription drugs, and tobacco products. In general, necessities and medical treatments tend to be inelastic, while luxury goods tend to be the most elastic. Another typical example is salt.

What goods are perfectly inelastic?

Perfectly inelastic products would be something like air or water, and no one can really restrict that at this point in time. The most common products that are inelastic would be food, prescription drugs, and tobacco products. Another product that could be considered close to perfectly inelastic would be gas.

What are the examples of elasticity?

5 Examples of Elastic Goods

  • Soft Drinks. Soft drinks aren’t a necessity, so a big increase in price would cause people to stop buying them or look for other brands.
  • Cereal. Like soft drinks, cereal isn’t a necessity and there are plenty of different choices.
  • Clothing.
  • Electronics.
  • Cars.
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Is Rice elastic or inelastic?

The expenditure elasticity of rice exceeds one. Other commodities are relatively expenditure-inelastic, with the exception of FAFH, which has the highest expenditure elasticity. It is noteworthy that the own-price elasticity for rice is very elastic.

Is Salt inelastic or elastic?

Demand for salt is price inelastic because there are very few substitutes for salts.

Is bread elastic or inelastic?

Demand for basic goods such as bread is thought to be inelastic since the amount of bread bought changes little with price. If the price goes up, people have little choice but to pay it, but if it goes down they are unlikely to eat more bread. By comparison, luxury goods are price elastic.

What types of products typically have inelastic demand Why?

Electricity, gas, oil, and water are all relatively inelastic because consumers rely on these as necessities rather than luxuries. Also, keep in mind that the price elasticity of demand is very time-sensitive.

What are the types of elasticity of demand?

There are four types of elasticity of demand mainly as given in the following.

  • Price Elasticity of Demand. It is defined as responsiveness and sensitivity of a particular product along with the changes in its price.
  • Income Elasticity of Demand.
  • Cross Elasticity of Demand.
  • Advertising Elasticity of Demand.

Which of the following would most likely have an elastic demand?

When there is a change in the demand of product in response to a change in price, it is said to be elasticity of demand. Coca-Cola is most likely to have an elastic demand out of the products stated because a price rise in the beverage will render customers to shift on another similar product.

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