Which Of The Following Declares A Variable That Can Store The First Name Of A Student? (Best solution)

What does the name of the variable mean?

  • The name of the variable has nothing to do with its type. The general syntax of declaring a variable primarily is Here, var1, var2,… varn are the names of valid variables. Variables can also be defined in multiple lines instead of on the same line. When the variables are declared in single line, then the variables must be separated by commas.

When you declare a constant you must assign it an initial value true or false?

Named constants must be assigned a value when they are defined. Variables do not have to be assigned initial values. Variables once defined may be assigned a value within the instructions of the program.

What is the difference in the execution of the do until loop first example and the do loop until second example )?

What is the difference in the execution of the Do Until Loop (first example) and the Do Loop Until (second example)? The first loop will never be executed while the second is an infinite loop.

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When included in the text property of a button the and& symbols placed side by side?

in order to catch run-time errors such as divide-by-zero and not have the program shut down. When included in the Text property of a button, the && symbols placed side by side will display as a single & character.

When a variable is first assigned a value it is said to be?

The first time a variable is assigned a value, it is said to be initialised. The = symbol is known as the assignment operator. It is also possible to declare a variable and assign it a value in the same line, so instead of int i and then i = 9 you can write int i = 9 all in one go.

What is the correct way to declare an integer named age?

For example: int age = 10; In this example, the variable named age would be defined as an integer and assigned the value of 10.

What are constant variables?

TL;DR: In a science experiment, the controlled or constant variable is a variable that does not change. For example, in an experiment to test the effect of different lights on plants, other factors that affect plant growth and health, such as soil quality and watering, would need to remain constant.

What is the syntax for declaring a constant variable?

const keyword is used to declare a constant in C/C++ language, here is the syntax of constant declaration: const data_type constant_name = value; Here, const is a keyword, which specifies that, constant_name is a constant and we cannot change its value.

How variables are declared in C?

Every variable used in C must be declared as a specific variable type and assigned a name. The variable in Your First Variable is declared as an integer (int) and given the name x. Line 7 assigns the value 5 to variable x.

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What is the difference between for loop and while loop?

The difference between for loop and while loop is that in for loop the number of iterations to be done is already known and is used to obtain a certain result whereas in while loop the command runs until a certain condition is reached and the statement is proved to be false.

What is the difference between while and do while loop?

KEY DIFFERENCES: While loop checks the condition first and then executes the statement(s), whereas do while loop will execute the statement(s) at least once, then the condition is checked.

Do while loop vs while loop?

Here, the main difference between a while loop and do while loop is that while loop check condition before iteration of the loop. On the other hand, the do-while loop verifies the condition after the execution of the statements inside the loop. Conversely, the do while loop is called the exit controlled loop.

What is the purpose of the Toolbox window?

The Toolbox window displays controls that you can add to Visual Studio projects.

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