Meet Our Bloggers

DANIEL LUISE, Student-Director of Social Media

FullSizeRender.jpgDaniel Luise is a Senior Business Administration major with a concentration in Marketing and a minor in Psychology. He is originally from Boston, Mass.

Around Marist, Dan is on the Admissions Student Leadership Board overseeing the Marist Ambassador program, tour guides and greeters. He also is a very active participant in the intramural program. During the Fall semester of his junior year, Dan studied abroad at our branch campus in Florence, Italy. Since returning from abroad, he has held the position as the Social Media Intern, working directly under the Director of Social Media at Marist.

Over the summer, Dan had the opportunity to intern with interlinkONE and Grow Socially. He spent the summer covering a large area of marketing strategies, one of which included writing blogs for different industries and customers. On top of that, he is a content creator for The Odyssey. He enjoys writing about sports and his experiences throughout Marist.


JULIA MCCARTHY, Editor-in-Chief 

IMG_8331.jpgJulia McCarthy is a sophomore in the honors program, majoring in Political Science with a minor in communications. Originally from Nutley, New Jersey, Julia loves being close to New York City while still enjoying all the beautiful nature that the Hudson Valley has to offer. Julia is involved in Marist Ambassadors, Residence Hall Council, and is an Honors mentor.

Obsessed with news and politics, Julia plans to spend a semester in Washington, D.C. next Spring. For now, Julia is enjoying hanging out by the waterfront and studying on the comfy couches in Hancock. With a love for both reading and writing, it is rare to find Julia without a book, or lengthy scholarly article, in hand.

Foxtales is the perfect opportunity for Julia to express her love for politics, social media, food, and of course, Marist College.



alyssabiopic.jpgAlyssa Casamento is an overly sarcastic Junior from North Haven, Connecticut. Here at Marist she is double majoring in Digital Media and Communications with a concentration in Advertising, but don’t ask her what she wants to do with that combination—it changes daily. On campus she works in the admissions office as a Student Assistant to one of the counselors, as well as, being a Tour Guide/Stand-Up Comedian. She is also in the Marist Ambassadors program, and serves as the Class of 2018 Historian through the Student Government Association.

All of those festivities combined leave her with approximately 8 minutes to herself daily, but she is somehow still breathing. In her little spare time, you can find her watching a scary movie, complaining about how much she misses her dog, petting someone else’s dog, or enjoying a gluten-free snack. Her music is often blasting so loudly in her headphones that she’ll likely be deaf by age 25, so if you see her on campus, you’ll have to hit her to get her attention. Her likes include Disney, singing in the shower, and potatoes in all forms. Her dislikes consist of cold weather, last minute planning, and when people make fun of the amount of selfies she posts on Instagram. It’s an art, people.

Here at Foxtales, she likes to focus on all things digital. Stay tuned for some ~rad~ video projects in the near future!

Always remember, every day is a great day to be a Red Fox.



headshotJacqueline Gruber is a sophomore from Long Beach, New York. She is majoring in Communications with a double concentration in Public Relations and Advertising and minor in Graphic Design.

In addition to Marist Ambassadors, Jackie is also a member of the Emerging Leaders Program, PRSSA, LEAP, and Campus Ministry.

Jackie had the unique opportunity of spending her entire freshman year studying abroad as part of the Freshman Florence Experience Program. While abroad, in addition to pursuing her studies, she served as a Marist Italy Ambassador. Her unique situation enabled her to travel to other countries and experience various culture. Her year abroad was one of the most rewarding experiences of her life! She is so excited to be apart of the Foxtales Team!



Sarah Rampulla is currently a sophomore studying Business Marketing with a minor in Graphic Design. She is involved in the Ambassador Program and is a member of the Greek life here on campus. Sarah loves getting to know new people, will most likely be found in the library, and has a tiny obsession with food. She is super easy to talk to, so if anyone needs anything she’s your girl! Sarah could not be more excited to be apart of the Marist Foxtales team!




Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 11.43.41 AM (1).pngHey everyone! Yvette Signore is a junior studying Sports Communication and Journalism. She is very excited for you guys to get to know her through Foxtales! Her writing ranges from fun topics like food, student life, and sorority life, to more seri
ous topics like social issues, current events, and the National Football League. She has a strong passion for football (Go Broncos!) and aspires to be a sports broadcaster for the NFL one day—nothing wrong with dreaming big!







unnamed.pngMadison Zoey Vettorino is a Freshman majoring in Communications with concentrations in Journalism and Public Relations and a minor in Creative Writing. Madison, who is originally from a small town in Connecticut, fell in love with Marist after visiting her sophomore year of high school and is absolutely thrilled to be studying at the school of her dreams!

On campus, Madison is involved in Marist Ambassadors, Campus Ministry, the Marist Circle, and is an assistant manager for the Marist Hockey team. Madison also writes for The Odyssey Online, HerCampus, and the River & Stone Blog. In her spare time, you can usually find her with an iced coffee in hand, writing an article, or chatting with her friends. She couldn’t be happier to be a part of the FoxTales team!



unnamed.jpgNora Proce is a sophomore from Garden City, New York. She is double majoring in English with a concentration in Writing and Media Studies and Production with a concentration in Film and Television. An avid writer and movie lover, she plans to pursue a future in screen writing. On campus Nora is involved in Marist Ambassadors, Greek Life, and Fox Photography.

If Nora isn’t in class or sleeping, she is probably binge watching a show on Netflix while eating some snacks. She has a passion for trying new things, including new foods. Nora loves hanging out with her friends by the Hudson River and creating new memories she can capture through her camera lens. She is very excited to be able to blog about her experiences at Marist through articles and videos. She is so thrilled to be a member of the Foxtales team!



foxtalesbloggerMichaela Salamone is a junior at Marist, from Albany, New York. She is majoring in Communications with a double concentration in Public Relations and Advertising. In addition to writing for Marist Fox Tales, Michaela is also in the Ambassadors program. From the minute she stepped onto the Marist campus as a senior in high school, she instantly knew that Marist was where she wanted to spend her next four years. Michaela enjoys watching Netflix, eating, and hanging out with friends. She is ecstatic to be apart of the Fox Tales team this year!

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